President Keszler:

Yesterday, an electrician inspected Chana (the place you send our Orthodox beloved congregation to pray at) and found that the 16-amp-circuit-breakers were replaced (presumably on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, between Tfilath Shachrith and Tfilath Mincha) with 6-amp-circuit-breakers, which did not support the heaters we purchased for our holy place. Your advertised story that the reason why all the heaters (that worked perfectly for weeks) stopped working suddenly was due to faulty wiring in the building, is blatantly fabricated.

I recognize and am Melamed Zchuth that in your past you were not required to be aware of our sources. Perhaps you were not aware that your publication yesterday in Maoih’s site violates numerous prohibitions of our Torah, a grave sin for an observant Jew. As you took upon yourself a position in the Orthodox congregation, it is incumbent upon you to study the Sefer Shmirath Haloshon (written by the Chofetz Chaim), were you will learn all details.


Rabbi Aryeh M. Rabinowitz